The Executive Board…

...was formed in July of 2011 when Mike Chipp, Jeston Lewis and Randy Tai, three members of Stony Brook University's High C's, came to the ground-breaking realization that they could still sing together after college. As they had all served as board members for the High C's in the past, calling themselves "The E-Board" seemed only natural. They later decided on "The Executive Board", as it makes more sense that way. Also, it makes them sound important. Rachel Chalhoub joined the ensemble in November of 2011. They're all pretty cool. The four are bound by an unconditional - in some states, possibly illegal - love for music, a cappella or otherwise. Wanting to break out of the "traditional" a cappella mold, they are slowly but surely creating a sound that is all their own.

Upcoming Appearances


"Coming to our Clear Harmonies show in Virginia this June? We'll have some tasty treats for you."
"Follow us to the Dodge Hall Lobby, right after our Original Songwriting Panel in Richards 227, so you can see our AcaBomb."



A New Year!

Hey there, everybody! We are so thrilled to close 2012 – a year of many firsts and accomplishments for the E-Board – while ringing in 2013, which will hold many more firsts and new opportunities for us and the larger vocal community alike. A few things to remember: we dropped a sweet AWOLnation cover on y’all; we augmented the...

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WUSB Stony Brook 90.1 FM Radio Show

Guys. Yesterday. We did our first live radio show. And, my head is STILL SPINNING. I’m so proud of my boys. Thanks so much to WUSB @ Stony Brook. They were so awesome for inviting us on the show and letting us preview our upcoming EP, some of our covers and letting me talk for what seemed like forever and no time at all. (Einstein...

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Hey friends and family, I figured out how to use my iPad to update things! NOW I CAN TALK THROUGH THE BLOG ALL THE TIME!!! ...

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